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Transaction Delivery Services

If you have been following what has been happening in the banking industry, then you can agree with us that the world is increasingly moving towards automated transactions. In fact, a recent study shows that in the past 10 years, teller transactions have decreased by almost 33%. It’s a surprising statistic that confirms that no bank can deliver or market its product and services without transactional delivery services. Banks are now integrating delivery solutions into their service and production cycles for a number of reasons, including competition, compliance, legislation or reduction of production cost. Has your institution adopted this new delivery technology? If not, we can help.

When you choose to work with Bank Equipment Solutions, you can be sure to receive exceptional transactional delivery solutions that no other bank equipment provider can match. Our solutions include:

  • The machine (ATM),
  • The Enablement (Transactional processing),
  • Maintenance solutions and services (To help you keep your device operational),
  • The cash delivery

You have probably heard of financial institutions that were brought down by banking equipment providers who never delivered their promises or that provided vulnerable solutions. We are different! Unlike most bank equipment providers, we deliver complete solutions to make it easier for financial institutions to integrate transaction delivery solutions into their system. Why should you work with us?

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We Deliver Complete An Easier Solution

Most ATM providers will sell you the device and leave it up to you to figure out how to make it work. This means that you will be forced spend more on software, hosting, PCI compliance, internet connection, and ATM experts for you to make the ATM fully operational. Other providers that claim to deliver complete services have hidden charges and won’t tell you about these costs until you have purchased the machine. Bank Equipment Solutions is different. We don’t have hidden charges, and we ensure that your ATM meets your business needs.

We Are Different

This is what you should expect when working with us.

  • Initial consultation- During our initial consultation, we focus on knowing your business and its needs. We take those needs and ambitions and integrate them into your new solutions.
  • Delivery- We will deliver the ATM. The ATM comes with video conferencing features for assisted transactions, cash recycling, and check image processing, all hosted on our cloud-based and PCI compliant servers
  • The installation process- Our ATM technicians will evaluate the place where you want the machine installed to identify the best installation technique. They will also evaluate your banking system to ensure the ATM is compatible with your system. After evaluation, the installation process begins.
  • Testing- After installation, our technicians will test the machine to ensure its working.
  • Tips- After making sure that the device is working, out technicians will take the time to provide you with instructions and tips on how to operate the ATM.

Our Technology Makes Us Stand Out From The Rest

At Bank Equipment Solutions, we have invested in the latest technologies that help us come up with solutions that meet the requirements of today’s customers. Contact us for excellent services.

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